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Special Purpose Transformers

• Rectifier Transformers used for Material Handling & Railways.
• Variable Voltage / Frequency Transformers used in Textile industry as matching Transformers for Inverter Output.
• Motor Starting Auto Transformers for starting Large Induction Motors of Compressors etc upto 500 kw.
• Transformers upto 1000 kva, 6.6 kv used as source for Thyristor Converter Duty with Spikes & Harmonics.
• Transformers for Machine Tools especially for spindle drive & feed drives.
• Transformers used for Railway Signalling.
• Cast Resin Transformers. Excellent protection against moisture & very good protection against Mechanical damage. Flame resistant & self quenching.

cast resin transformer oil cooled transformers three phase transformer
three phase transformer cast resin transformer three phase transformer
three phase transformer UPS transformer UPS transformer


Transformers Manufacturer

Air Cooled Transformers upto 1150 KVA

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